Global Remote Internships

The Global Remote Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain practical 21st century skills, industry connections, and international experience through project-based learning without having to travel abroad.

Participants will work remotely from their own home and gain valuable international experience with the option of earning academic credit.

Global Remote Internship Career Fields

ISA Agriculture and Veterinary Science Internships

Agriculture and Veterinary Science

An agricultural or veterinary science internship abroad will provide hands-on experience as well as technical and practical knowledge. Attitudes and practices vary across cultures providing a global perspective in this field. Work at veterinary centers, zoos, and wildlife parks with a wide variety of animals like snakes, big cats, kangaroos, koalas, cats, dogs, and horses!

ISA Architecture & Urban Planning Internships

Architecture and Urban Planning

Architecture and urban planning internships expose you to the design and construction of buildings and urban areas in cultures that have different planning models than those at home. Gain technical skills and practical experience within the field, while providing exposure to new systems and styles. Participants interested in an architecture internship may need to submit a portfolio.

ISA Arts and Humanities Internships

Arts and Humanities

Encompassing a wide range of academic fields including history, philosophy, cultural studies, and sociology among many others, internships in the arts and humanities allow you to explore career options across many business sectors and industries while refining professional interests and strengths. Internships in these fields tend to be multi-disciplinary allowing you to gain a robust set of skills and knowledge.

ISA Business and Marketing Internships

Business and Marketing

Internships in business fields include a wide range of companies across all industries-—from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Interns can focus on a specific area within business such as economics, finance, or marketing. Business internships provide valuable experience in understanding regional trade practices, international economies, and global marketing strategies from a new cultural perspective.

ISA Communication, Media, and PR Internships

Communication, Media, and PR

Understanding the cultural climate of the times and the ways to effectively navigate it is a valuable skill. Working alongside international colleagues and within a new culture helps shape your worldview and ability to more effectively communicate with a wider audience. Work in an array of industries as communications, media and, PR jobs span all industries.

ISA Education Internships


An internship abroad in education is a great way to prepare for a career as a teacher, administrator, or principal. You will be exposed to new educational structures, curriculum, and methods in a variety of educational environments. The experience provides future educators with an expanded cultural perspective and worldview to broaden their approach to education and be more successful educators in our increasingly diverse classrooms.

ISA Engineering Internships


You will work alongside professionals from around the globe from reputable companies, universities, and research organizations in the industry. Interning abroad promotes innovation, technical understanding, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, which are just some of the skills necessary to translate ideas and plans into reality for cultures that are different from our own.

ISA Environmental and Sustainability Studies Internships

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

An internship abroad in environmental studies or sustainability will expose you to some of the most diverse environments in the world. Working with scientists and business professionals, you will gain real-world experience while making a global impact. From placements in biology and ecology to those focusing on sustainable business practices and technology, you will work to solve some of today’s most pressing environmental issues.

ISA Fashion Internships


A fashion internship abroad is a great stepping stone into the industry. Get hands-on experience in a truly global industry, learning about new aesthetics and understanding how business-to-business transactions between suppliers and distributors come to be. Placements focus on design, merchandising, PR, e-commerce, or a combination thereof. Portfolios are required for those participants interested in fashion design.

ISA Film and TV Internships

Film and TV

With a film or television internship abroad, you have the opportunity to work at a variety of companies, providing you with hands-on experience at every step in pre-production, production, and post-production. Exploring the field from a new cultural context while learning best practices will be an invaluable career stepping stone. A portfolio may be requested.

ISA IT and Computer Science Internships

IT and Computer Science

An IT or computer science internship abroad complements your formal education with practical work experience in one of the most globalized fields worldwide. It is a unique opportunity to refine career goals, develop a professional network, and learn how other parts of the world use technology. Internships in this field usually require proficiency in one or more programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, Ruby, etc.

ISA Legal Studies and Advocacy Internships

Legal Studies and Advocacy

Law and advocacy internships include a range of opportunities working at law firms and policy and advocacy centers. Internships in this field provide an inside view of the host country’s legal system and an understanding of how the community navigates within that system. Apply your knowledge to a real-world setting and learn how law and justice work in practice. A writing sample may be requested.

ISA Performing and Visual Arts Internships

Performing and Visual Arts

With a focus on specific areas such as graphic design, photography, music, dance, or theater, internships in the performing and visual arts give you the opportunity to learn what type of creative projects you will likely work on in a professional setting. Gain valuable insight into the creative process and have a chance to apply your knowledge, channel your inner creativity, and network with industry professionals. A portfolio may be requested.

ISA Political Science Internships

Political Science

Whether you are interested in American politics, international relations, or public policy and advocacy, an internship abroad allows you to gain valuable insight into how government policies, political parties, city councils, or governmental agencies work. Experience firsthand how these political bodies work with and against one another in the local and global arena.

ISA Psychology and Social Work Internships

Psychology and Social Work

A psychology or social work internship helps you understand the complicated social challenges facing global communities while learning how professionals respond. Placements are often research based or involve observing professionals and assisting with various tasks at non-profits. An internship abroad provides the opportunity to connect and integrate theory and practice into a real world setting. A background check may be requested.

ISA Research Internships


Participating in research expands academic experience and enhances understanding of an academic field. A research placement provides the opportunity to join an on-going research project for a short period, helping you clarify academic, career and personal interests. Step in at various stages of the research process and engage in a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approach.

ISA Science and Math Internships

Science and Math

Participating in a science or math internship abroad is a great way to understand how research and problem-solving work in other locations, learn about different system models, and see how science and math work in a practical setting. Interning abroad is a great way to build soft skills, gain a better understanding of the larger field, and start considering interests for post-graduate study.


Global Remote Internship Highlights and Activities


The virtual orientation experience is a one-day session that blends adventure, lecture, and culture into an exciting and informative introduction to the intern's journey to interning virtually in their host country. Each virtual orientation is designed to:

  • Inform participants of the cultural and professional experience that lies ahead
  • Guide each participant through a goal-setting activity to encourage them to reflect on their expectations for their experience abroad
  • Introduce participants to the local culture, in and out of the workplace and how that may translate to working remotely
  • Provide participants an opportunity to socialize with other ISA participants who are virtually interning to provide a support network

Cultural Activities

Virtual tour of Bondi to Coogee Walk in Sydney, Australia

Join us on a virtual tour of the Bondi to Coogee walk in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The stunning walk in Sydney stretches for 6km along the coastline of New South Wales and you'll see some of Australia's most famous beaches, parks, and sites along the way including the iconic Bondi Icebergs Club!

Vietnamese Language Classes

Interning virtually in a country where you don't speak the local language means it can sometimes be a challenge to communicate! We invite you to join our team in a Vietnamese language class to help bridge the language gap and get you feeling more comfortable in your internship setting. While your internship is guaranteed to be in English, your host organizations will be so impressed with your effort to learn a little more about their local language and culture!

Virtual tour of Málaga, Spain with discussion about Pablo Picasso

Málaga is a gorgeous seaside city known for being a favorite Spanish holiday destination with its impressive beaches and delicious food. While interning virtually we encourage you to meet our local staff in Málaga who will tour you through the city they call home and teach you everything they know about famous painter, Pablo Picasso, who was born in their beautiful city.

Housing Details

Housing is NOT included in this program as it is a remote internship.

ISA Barcelona Programs

Why A Global Remote Internship?

Global Remote Internships combine the experience of working for a company abroad while earning optional academic credit of a college-level internship with the ease and comfort of staying at home. It’s a global professional experience without the cost associated with travel. Our program provides a unique approach to navigating a virtual internship with processes that enable participants to gain a robust global experience through guided and structured platforms.

Students will have access to multiple career readiness resources throughout the internship, such as professional mentors, career readiness techniques and more while gaining experience working with an international organization! Students will also have the ability to earn a micro-credential which can be posted to their LinkedIn profile upon successful completion of the internship.

Travel Visa Information

A Visa is not necessary as this is a remote internship.

The internship was a perfect fit for me. The position that I had, PR and Social Media Assistant, fit exactly into the requirements for my major and interests.

Shelby L.
Australia Intern

As a result of this internship, I have secured a full time job back home in the states. I am sure that this international internship will potentially lead me to working in international equity.”

Veronica G.
London Intern

Thank you so much for the help you have both before and during my time abroad. You truly made the process less stressful and more enjoyable. You have made my study abroad experience truly wonderful!

Parker B.
Valencia Intern.

My internship in South Korea was extremely influential in my job interviewing process, and largely because of my internship experience, I just landed a job as a Content Editor with H&R Block Headquarters in KC for post-graduation.

Michaela H.
Seoul Intern