Internships in London, England

Welcome to London!

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK for short) is made up of four separate and distinct countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England's incredibly rich history illustrated in sites such as Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, and the Tower of London, in addition to its deep roots in theatre, arts and literature makes England an obvious choice for individuals looking for a stimulating and educational international experience. London is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and any visitor will immediately notice the great diversity found within the city. London residents, and visitors alike, hail from around the world and speak over 300 languages. ISA interns in England will easily notice the broad, international influences that contribute to England's unique culture.

The capital city has over 300 museums, 250 art galleries, 200 theaters, 6 full time symphony orchestras, and more than 600 cinema screens. Concerts, celebrities, movie premiers, theatre productions, sporting events, and world news headlines are constantly keeping London in the spotlight. Whatever your interests may be, the attractions and activities found within London are essentially endless, and simply cannot be tackled in a single visit.

Why Intern in London?

London’s rich history provides depth to every field—be it acting, journalism, or business—as well as an English speaking population that makes navigating the cultural difference of your internship dandy! Interning in England gives participants the opportunity to explore their field of interest from a new cultural perspective. Interning in England is a particularly good option for interns interested in Accounting, Business, Fashion, Film, Finance, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Marketing, and Theater. Due to visa restrictions, those studying Hospitality and Tourism and Healthcare should consider other internship locations. All applicants should be aware that internships in England can be competitive and strong educational and experiential background are advised.

Career Fields Available in London

Check out our internship opportunities in London below!

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Marketing
  • Communication, Media, and PR
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Film and TV
  • Health
  • Legal Studies and Advocacy
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Political Science
  • Psychology and Social Work
  • Research

I decided to pursue an internship purely for the experience and connections I could make in the business/ fashion industry in London. My internship was one of the biggest influences on my future career. I learned more in these 5 months than in most of my classes throughout my college career. I had always thought ofworking in the fashion industry on the buyer/ seller side. This entire experience has completely changed my life, so cliche, but true. I was able to expand
my understanding of the world, work in an industry that I now want to work in the future, as well as a lifetime of memories with some amazing people. I was able to travel to Europe and expandmy knowledge as well as get out of my comfort zone. Traveling really allows you to develop yourself.  Going to London by myself allowed me to have a fresh start and grow. can not write how much I loved this experience, it was truly a special time in my life.

Mackenzie E.
Bethel University

Orientation, Excursions, & Activities

Your program will start with a multi-day orientation in London where you will enjoy a city tour and other excursions as well as receive pertinent information about how to be most successful in your internship abroad. Throughout your program, you will have the chance to go on weekend trips, day trips, and optional trips. ISA excursions allow you to explore the timeless, quaint, and historical landscape of the United Kingdom (and potentially surrounding countries) that you may not have the chance to visit on your own.  The locations below are a sample of included and optional excursions that have run in the past. Please know that these are subject to change.

Brighton, England


Brighton is known for several things, including being one the cultural and LGBTQ+ capitals of England, inspiration for famous artists and musicians, and its architecture. Some UK polls place it as the happiest and 'coolest' (not a reference to temperature!) city in England, and its name is undoubtedly among the world's most recognizable beach towns.

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle

The town of Windsor is an unparished area in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England. It is widely known as the site of Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the British Royal Family. Windsor Castle itself is the oldest continuously used royal residence in the world. Her Majesty the Queen's Royal Standard flies from the Round Tower when she is in residence.

London, England

Cultural Activities in London

The ISA on-site team encourages you to explore culture of England in and around your host city. The team facilitates this by offering a robust calendar of events that showcases what makes England special. These activities vary each term, and previous offerings have included visits to Camden Town, Windsor Castle, the British Museum, a Harry Potter walking tour, and a tour of the Tower of London.

Housing Details

ISA housing provides the opportunity for participants to experience aspects of the British lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor. The experience of living in another culture will be both educational and rewarding so long as you stay open-minded. There are many differences in culture and lifestyle between life in England and the U.S. Remember: the key to a positive experience is flexibility!


  • Homestays may be utilized at times depending on the location of your placement and the distance of your commute.
  • If a homestay will be necessary for your program your ISA Program Manager or Internship Placement Coordinator will discuss this with you during your placement process.
  • A fantastic cultural experience and full immersion into London by living with a local family.

Student Residence

  • A cross between dorm-style living and a boarding house.
  • Located off campus and are not affiliated to a university
  • All residents are students.
  • The number of participants per room vary by city.
Housing - Apartments
Housing - Student Residence

Travel Visa Information

Participants must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months AFTER their expected departure date from England.


U.S. Citizens
All U.S. citizens are required to apply for a Tier 5 Visa PRIOR to entry in the UK while you are still in the US, and allow participants to come to the UK for a short time for work experience. The Tier 5 visa application process takes approximately 4-6 weeks and costs approximately $1,300- $1,500. Participants in a full-time internship must apply for this visa.

Non-U.S. Citizens
Please note that non-U.S. citizens should contact their Consulate to verify specific entry requirements. As these requirements vary based on citizenship, non-U.S. citizens may not be permitted to travel to England without a visa or outside of their visa dates. Also, visa fees for non-U.S. citizens may differ so please be sure to check specific consulate's website for the most up to date information.

Note: Embassy and Consulate contact information is subject to change without notice. Please refer to the website of the Embassy or Consulate to verify information.